Airport Asset Tracking via GPS  

View asset locations in real time, anywhere in the world

Reduce theft and increase asset recovery rates

Access real time asset sensor information

Set alerts and notifications for unplanned events

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Locate assets across the airfield and multiple airports

Using GPS tracking tags assets and staff can be tracked across the world.

GPS tracking is particularly suited to monitoring vehicles across the entire airfield, monitoring equipment that moves between airports, monitoring individual staff and safeguarding against theft.

GPS Tracking Tag

TracLogik's broad range of GPS tracking units can operate autonomously for extended periods without external power, or indefinitely with an external power source. For example, can be concealed covertly within packages and operate on battery power alone for many months, or connected directly to the batteries of target vehicles or medical equipment, for indefinite service.

Push notifications are automatically dispatched in the event of external power failure and if backup battery levels drop below a predefined level.

GPS Overlay Network

The GPS (Global Positioning System) chip within the Tracking Tag obtains highly accurate location information via satellites orbiting the earth, in all weather conditions, anywhere on the planet.

This well proven technology was originally developed by the US Department of Defence and has been in constant use and further developed since 1973. There are currently 31 GPS satellites in orbit, with a further 12 planned for launch in the near future.

As well as positioning information, the GPS chip provides us with data on the tracker’s current speed, direction and altitude.

TracLogik Control Centre

The TracLogik Control Centre brings the tracking information to life for users. Users are able to report on assets – to see the locations of specific assets or a group of assets, locations – to see which assets are at a specific location or just view a map to see the locations of all assets graphically.

With built in user profiles administrators can ensure that users can only view the assets & locations they need.

Sample Aviation Applications

  • Instantly locate your assets throughout the world
  • Track assets and staff across the entire airfield or across airports
  • Create asset reports at the click of a button
  • Ensure high-value equipment is protected from theft

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TracLogik Control Centre

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