Airport RTLS Technology Overview 

RTLS Overview

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The Makeup of a Aviation Real Time Location System & TracLogik's Control Centre

Real time location systems (RTLS) consist of three primary components.

Tracking Tag The Tracking Tag

The tracking tag is the device that attaches to the asset being tracked.

There are a number of considerations for the tracking tag including battery life and replaceability, IP rating and asset connection options. Tags with additional onboard sensors for monitoring environmental conditions such as temperature are also available.

Tracking Overlay The Overlay Infrastructure

The overlay infrastructure communicates with the tracking tags and assesses the tags' location and any additional sensor information.

This location information is then passed on to the control centre software. Some tracking tags require their own dedicated overlay infrastructure (for example Bluetooth and RFiD) whereas others can piggy-back to an existing infrastructure (for example WiFi).

Tag & Overlay Technologies

Aviation Bluetooth Low Energy Tracking


Low cost overlay & tracking tags, ideal for in-terminal asset tracking.

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Aviation RFiD Tracking


Low cost tracking tags, ideal for inventory management

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Aviation GPS Tracking


Locate assets across the airfield and across multiple airports via GPS satellite

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Aviation WiFi Tracking


Leveraging the existing WiFi both within buildings and across defined outdoor areas

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TracLogik Control Centre The TracLogik Control Centre

The TracLogik Control Centre communicates with the overlay infrastructure to receive the location information and any additional information from the tracking tags. This information is then intelligently interpreted by the control centre's location engine so that it can be displayed to users.

The TracLogik Difference

Designed, built & operated in-house, the TracLogik Control Centre enables a huge array of customisation options to power the most demanding usage applications.

Unified Tracking

Unified Tracking

The flexibility of the TracLogik Control Centre enables trackers & tags across multiple different technologies to be connected to the same interface to deliver a unified view of all your assets in real time. So, whether you’re tracking assets across the globe, within buildings, or both, the TracLogik Control Centre provides a singular view of your entire tracking & telemetry estate.

Asset Management

Asset Management

As well as providing real-time location information, the TracLogik Control Centre also enables effective asset management. Customisable asset status information lets users immediately see whether the asset is available for use. A built-in asset scheduler enables users to book assets for use and programme service schedules. Real-time alerts and notifications can let users know when appointments are missed. Asset manuals and attachments can be loaded into the system to give users all the information that they require.

Always On

Always On

The TracLogik Control Centre is available to users 24/7/365 meaning that it’s always ready for users. Even when users are not logged in the automated monitoring & management systems are functioning to provide real-time alerts & notifications based on pre-set conditions & scenarios.

Cloud Deployment Options

Deployment Options

The TracLogik Control Centre is designed as Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning that there’s no costly capital expenditure associated with purchasing software licences & the ongoing costs are minimised without maintenance & hardware to worry about.

However, where a different approach is required the TracLogik Control Centre can be deployed in several other ways. An on-premise deployment ensures that your tracking data is always held within your network. A managed hosted deployment gives you the confidence & security of your own system without the IT overhead & maintenance requirements.

TracLogik Flexibility


Since the TracLogik Control Centre is designed & developed in house it means that specific feature & functionality additions can be easily built into the system to power unique customer usage requirements. TracLogik’s approach to all customers is to fully understand their individual requirements & then recommend the best combination of hardware technologies & software underpinning to meet those. If additional features need to be built into the system this isn’t a problem.

TracLogik Control Centre

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