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Our comprehensive range of solutions gives total visibility of your workforce and assets with unprecedented access from anywhere in the world 24/7.

TracLogik brings you industry proven in-house products and carefully selected 'best of breed' technologies.

Our depth of experience and unique range of expertise in this complex field, radically simplifies the adoption of technologies to enhance the profitability of your organisation.

Unifying this wide range of technologies into a single offering, controlled through a comprehensive cloud-based interface, is truly unique.


Inventory, stock control and highly accurate item location.

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Geographical location of virtually anything, anywhere in the world.

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Time & Attendance

Scheduling, absence reporting, wage calculation and payroll integration.

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Dispatching tasks to field staff and remotely auditing their performance.

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Small Investment, Huge Benefits.

A diverse range of RFID tags and labels are easily attached to virtually anything, such as documents, packages, people, materials, produce, foods, stock, vehicles, production lines or machinery. The list is endless.

To ensure optimum coverage, our RFID readers are located internally or externally on walls, ceilings, doorways, floors, masts or as handheld units.

Location and a wide range of status information relating to an asset is immediately available around the clock through the TracLogik Control Centre.

  • Automate manual stock taking and inventory management
  • Create asset and stock reports at the click of a button
  • Locate assets within your buildings and across your network of premises
  • Track all asset movement with precise time and location information
  • Reduce asset theft, with services such as unauthorised movement push notifications
  • Leveraging active, passive, WIFI, NFC & Bluetooth technologies

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Locate remote assets and staff, in real-time, anywhere in the world.

The deployment of TracLogik GPS tracking devices enables continued management of external assets, equipment and staff. Our GPS devices report their exact location in real-time directly back the TracLogik Control Centre.

Historical movement trails can be accessed via the Control Centre along with features such as ‘Breach of Boundary’ and theft notifications, which can be automated and pushed to managers via SMS or email.

TracLogik GPS devices are equipped with sensitive and remotely adjustable on-board motion sensors which detect any unauthorised movement.

The level of motion detection can be configured to range from a definitive change of position down to the slightest of knocks, depending on the application. Push notifications can be automatically dispatched, either at any time, or based on selected times of the day or night, when assets aren’t in use.

TracLogik GPS units are concealed covertly within packages and run on battery power for many months, or connected directly to the batteries of target vehicles and machinery, for indefinite service.

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Time & Attendance

Time is money, TracLogik saves both.

The entire suite of TracLogik products are enabled to provide Time and Attendance information via the Control Centre.

Any person or item can automatically record arrival and departure times.

As well as recording when a person, package, piece of equipment or vehicle arrived or left a location, TracLogik calculates the total duration of the session, total wages earned and discrepancies such as late arrivals or early departures.

The Control Centre’s inbuilt scheduling system can dispatch push notifications via email or SMS, in the event that a staff member is late, a package fails to arrive or a vehicle moves when it shouldn’t.

Complementing these hardware solutions is the TracLogik telephony service, now in its 10th year of operation, handling many thousands of attendance calls each and every day.

Operatives call our 0800 Freephone attendance line, and enter their unique 5 digit pin number when prompted, in order to clock in and out.

Remote Task Management

Empower your business and workforce with RTM.

RTM can be deployed via dedicated, low cost, TracLogik handheld devices or via an ‘App’ on existing Smartphones.

A live task list is displayed to field based staff, with which they can interact in real-time. Instant feedback and task completion is then sent back to the TracLogik Control Centre, enhancing productivity and automating management processes.

Tasks can be distributed to groups or individuals on a scheduled basis or as individual jobs as and when they are needed. Furthermore, issues identified by operatives can be directly reported back from the field, enhancing two way communication.

RTM is incredibly flexible and is used in a vast array of different applications.

  • Equipment servicing
  • Guard patrol duties
  • Contract cleaning
  • Remote surveying
  • Stock taking
  • Quality control

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